About Tramore Racecourse

Tramore racecourse is in the town of Tramore; County Waterford, Ireland. It’s 13km south of Waterford, the most populous city in the region. Similar to Laytown racecourse, Tramore originally began with a track along the beach. This started as early as 1785 and continued up until 1911. Things changed in 1912, however, with the building of a new stadium! Fortunately, though, the new stadium was a roaring success and has been the home of Tramore racing ever since.

In 1997, a consortium purchased the racecourse and invested five million Euros in upgrading the facilities. The result of this was an influx in the number of spectators attending each race day; the racecourse has only increased in popularity with more and more fans turning up every year.

Tramore stages both flat and national hunt racing on its course. The track covers a distance of one mile and is run right-handed. This is a grade two racecourse with an undulating landscape that ends with an uphill climb to the finish line.

Notable races

While Tramore racecourse doesn’t host any races of particular notoriety, it’s home to some big race days. The biggest event which takes place at Tramore racecourse each year is the Tramore major race festival. This has taken place every year at the racecourse since 1807. The major race festival takes place in August each year and is a four-day festival which lasts from Thursday to Sunday.

Tramore racecourse is far more than just a racecourse. Throughout the year it hosts various local events. To accommodate for this, Tramore Racecourse has ensured there’s everything from trendy bars and catering to a children’s play area. So overall it’s fair to say Tramore racecourse is a racecourse for everyone! You wouldn’t need to be a racing fan to get enjoyment out of this venue!

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