About Southwell Racecourse

Southwell Racecourse is a racecourse located just a few miles west of Southwell, Nottinghamshire. It’s about 17 miles northeast of Nottingham and 9 miles west of Newark-on-Trent. So it’s close to being smack bang in the middle of the country. It’s also one of only six racecourses in the country to sport an all-weather track. So not only is it in a good location, but it’s also open all year round too!

Southwell Racecourse has had a bit of controversy over the last few years, however. In 2019 users began to fly drones over the racecourse during a race meeting. They were then broadcasting a live stream to the internet. The big problem was that this footage could be up to two seconds ahead of the broadcasting. So this led to the possibility of gaining an edge the system through live betting!

Southwell Racecourse offers both Flat and Jump racing at its events. The track is left-handed, oval-shaped and a mile and a quarter long. It has a run of three furlongs which extends the straight to five furlongs. The Jump track at Southwell is a challenging one that often results in few finishers. The ground changes from firm to soft, which affects how much speed a horse can generate.

Notable Races

When it comes to notable races, Southwell Racecourse is punching well below its weight. For a track that’s in a great location, offers both Flat and Jump racing, plus is open all year round; it really falls short in the big race department! Southwell Racecourse doesn’t host any notable races throughout the calendar year. The average winner of a race at Southwell Racecourse makes roughly £4k. So the prize pools don’t often get beyond £10k. So while it may not have many big races, it has lots of horse racing to watch!

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