About Sligo Racecourse

Sligo Racecourse is in the town of Sligo; County Sligo, Ireland. Sligo is up in the Northwest of Ireland and is the second largest town in the area. Its population is around 60,000 which is second only to Galway. With that said, it’s still over 150km from Galway. So it’s still a relatively isolated location. However, when race day comes around this town springs into life, attracting fans from everywhere!

Sligo is a town with a long history in horse racing, hosting events as far back as 1781. However, it wasn’t until 1955 that the racecourse finally got a makeover. One sorely needed to accommodate its ever-growing market.

Sligo racecourse stages both flat and national hunt racing. The track is run right-handed over a total distance of around a mile. The first half of the track at Sligo features a steady decline, while the other half does the opposite. It’s this unusual course that makes race days at Sligo racecourse so interesting: And not just for the jockeys!

The facilities

Due to its location, Sligo racecourse is the number one destination for fans in the north of Ireland. It also sees plenty of fans from Northern Ireland too. As a result, Sligo racecourse has built incredible facilities to match the ever-growing demands. These facilities have been a real draw to horse racing fans across the world. Some of the visitors who have attended Sligo racecourse include Prince Charles and Camilla.

Sligo offers hospitality packages, corporate packages, hotels close by, and places to eat and drink. Everything you would expect from a state of the art venue.

Sligo racecourse isn’t just a venue for horse racing fans to enjoy. Everything about this incredible venue gives it one of the best race days in Ireland! If you haven’t been before you should change that!

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