About Punchestown Racecourse

Punchestown Racecourse is a racecourse situated in County Kildare; Ireland, not far from the town of Naas. This, in turn, has meant that Punchestown Racecourse is only a short distance away from Naas Racecourse. While some may believe this means Punchestown is competing with Naas Racecourse for business; this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Having two racecourses so close to each other has made it a hotbed for activity. Somewhere trainers are keen to take their horses. Punchestown Racecourse is also only a short distance away from Dublin, meaning it sees plenty of visitors each race day as well!

Punchestown Racecourse offers up a right-handed track over a distance of one mile and six furlongs. There is a chase course here at Punchestown Racecourse too, which is two miles long. Punchestown Racecourse has a relatively even split between flat, chase, and hurdle racing events. Punchestown Racecourse also offers a more challenging track than most others in Ireland too mainly down to the fact it’s an undulating course.

Notable races

There’s no shortage of high prestige races at Punchestown Racecourse; there are 21 of them to be exact. While there are some grade two and three races offered at Punchestown Racecourse; the majority of the big races on race days are grade one races. This means that throughout the year; there are plenty of high-profile horses in their races. This, in turn, leads to large attendances during their race days.

The Punchestown Festival is the biggest festival at Punchestown Racecourse. It’s a five-day festival which takes place during April. During this festival, there are a whopping 11 grade one races taking place. During this time, Punchestown sees top jockeys travel from all over the country and make their way to the festival. So this is the one event at Punchestown you don’t want to miss!

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