About Laytown Racecourse

Laytown Racecourse is a racecourse in Laytown, County Meath, Ireland. Laytown is up along the Northeastern coast of Ireland, making it a unique course to Ireland. That is because this is a track which runs along a beach. There’s no other course in Ireland that runs on sand which is why it’s so unique. The first recorded race at Laytown Racecourse took place in 1868. This not only makes Laytown Racecourse one of the most striking tracks on the Irish circuit, but it also makes it one of the oldest too!

Due to the unique nature of Laytown Racecourse being on a beach; this has meant the track is a flat straight. The beach has been modified so that it’s a level course and it’s a straight track which lasts for seven furlongs. Due to the nature of the Laytown Racecourse, there is only one race day here each year. This makes it a highly anticipated race day for fans across the world.


Since Laytown Racecourse is only used one day in the calendar year; plus the nature of a sand beach meaning that it’s rarely in proper running conditions. This means that the facilities at Laytown Racecourse aren’t the greatest in Ireland. Whenever the Laytown race day arrives, you’ll find no shortage of things to do, however. There’s a lot of preparation into this race day to make sure visitors thoroughly enjoy every moment of their time at Laytown Racecourse. However, we would say a lot of the enjoyment from visiting this course is seeing the uniqueness of the horses racing on the beach.

Being only a short distance North of Dublin; plus the fact Laytown Racecourse offers unique racing experiences throughout the season: Laytown Racecourse enjoys being a top-rated attraction with fans every year!

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