About Killarney Racecourse

Killarney Racecourse is in the small town of Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. Killarney boasts that it has one of the smallest racecourses in Ireland. The reason for this is primarily due to the location of the course. Generally, trainers opt to pick a more central area for training new horses. That’s because a more central area lets the horse gain experience at more tracks. With that said, however; Killarney Racecourse has been an active racecourse since 1822. This gives Killarney a significant boost as its history is a prominent driving force in drawing in both fans and trainers!

Despite the location, however. The facilities at Killarney Racecourse are world-class and can match any of the top racecourses in Ireland. You’ll find restaurants, bars, beautiful scenery, and children’s playing areas. And while Killarney Racecourse may be a little out the way; it comes with its advantages too!

The track

Killarney Racecourse has a turf track which is one mile and two-furlongs in the distance. The route takes on the shape of an oval, with the course running left-handed. Better yet, the racecourse here in Killarnerney is for both flat and national hunt racing. This makes it an attractive location for trainers looking to give their horse experience.

There are very few if any notable races on show here in Killarney. Instead, this is a racecourse that’s ideal for those looking to gain experience. Quite often, Killarney Racecourse is where many breakout horses begin their careers. The easy track allows trainers to test their horses in a competitive environment.

This is why Killarney Racecourse is still able to offer up 11 different race days in the season. It’s a desirable place for trainers and new horses as it’s the perfect training ground; this makes it an equally exciting place for fans to see the future of Irish racing!

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