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About Hereford Racecourse 

Hereford Racecourse is located in the city of Hereford, Herefordshire. It held its first race in 1771, so it’s another racecourse with a deep history. It can also boast being one of the first racecourses to fully modernise. By as early as 1966 Hereford had a photo-finish camera for their races.

Despite this, Hereford is still one of the smallest racecourses in the UK. This is more than likely due to its location than anything else. There’s quite a lot of racecourses in the Birmingham area, and this means competition. It’s pretty hard for Hereford Racecourse to compete with the likes of Cheltenham, especially when it’s a bit further out the way. That doesn’t mean this isn’t an excellent venue for horse racing still – it is!

 Hereford Racecourse only offers Jump racing, which it does on a square track! Hereford runs right-handed and has a distance of around a mile and a half. It has nine fences, with the first of those being taken at the start right after a turn!

Notable Races

Unfortunately, Hereford Racecourse doesn’t really have any notable races to talk of. This is in part due to the competition in the area, and part due to the track. Over the last few years, Hereford Racecourse had to move a few of their events due to the ground being too tough. The tough ground can be dangerous for horses and cause a lot of injuries. As a result, this has meant the cancellation of some events in recent years.

Fortunately, this won’t be a problem for much longer! Construction has already begun on a reservoir in the centre of the track. This will be able to keep the course well maintained and ready for racing.

 So we won’t be surprised to see Hereford gain a few important races over the next few years. It’s a place on the up and up!

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