About Ffos Las Racecourse 

Ffos Las Racecourse located in the small town of Ffos Las, Wales. One of the more interesting facts about this racecourse is in its origins. And that’s because Ffos Las is built at the site of an old coal mine! So this is one racecourse offering views no like no other!

 Ffos Las Racecourse is also one of the newest racecourses in the UK too! Since the racecourse couldn’t be built until the coal mine was out of use; the first phase of construction for the venue didn’t begin until 2009. This made it the first newly built racecourse in the UK for 80 years. Not bad a bad title to have for the low cost of £20million!

Ffos Las Racecourse offers both Flat and Jump racing at their events. The course is roughly a mile and a half in length and runs left-handed. The defining feature of the track is probably how flat it is. This makes every race a gallop and leads to some exciting finishes!

Notable Races

Given Ffos Las Racecourse’s short lifespan, it’s pretty hard for it to have many notable races just now. This is, unfortunately, one of the downsides to having a brand new racecourse. There is one notable race that’s arrived here already though: The Welsh Champion Hurdle! This is a 2-mile hurdle event open to horses aged four and older with a purse of £50k. This should go a long way in attracting more talent to the Ffos Las too.

 As you might expect then, Ffos Las Racecourse’s facilities are among the best in the UK. This is one of the advantages that come from having a brand new racecourse! There are bars and restaurants, conference rooms and hospitality packages. Everything you’ll want for a fantastic day out at the racing!

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