About Cartmel Racecourse

Cartmel Racecourse is located in the small village of Cartmel, County Cumbria. Cartmel boasts scenic views of the sea to the south and the lake district just a few miles north.

Racing takes place at Cartmel every year during the summer season. Interestingly, the vast majority of race days held here take place on a bank holiday Monday! This, in turn, has made Cartmel the perfect holiday destination for a weekend away. In the summer you get the sea, lake district, the sun, and better still horse racing!

Cartmel racecourse only offers jump racing throughout the season. These races take place on a one-mile, one-furlong course that runs left-handed. With a lot of tight turns, Cartmel racecourse is one of the more challenging circuits out there. It sees more than its fair share of falls in its races, especially from the last few fences which come in quick succession. The track ends with a half-mile run in which is the longest in the country!

Notable Races

Cartmel racecourse currently doesn’t have any races of particular notoriety. The biggest of all the events they host though takes place each year in May. This is a three-day race meet which actually takes place over five days. The idea here is to give fans an excellent opportunity to explore the lake district with their time off.

 Their two-day race meet in July offers their most valuable race, however. The race in question is the Cumbria Crystal Hurdle Race, which is worth a cool £40,000!

 The facilities here aren’t lacking either. Cartmel Racecourse has plenty of parking, restaurant packages, picnic areas, and dog-friendly areas too! Moreover, tickets start for as little as £15 each for a day ticket too. All in all, we’d say Cartmel is about than just a racecourse – it’s a perfect holiday destination too!

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