Yankee Bet

The Yankee Bet is an incredibly fun wager to make involving the outcomes of four separate events. There are eleven individual bets in the Yankee Bet meaning that even a £1 Yankee wager will cost you £11! These bets break down as follows:

  • There are six unique double bets.
  • There are four individual triple bets.
  • The final one is a fourfold bet.

The six doubles, four triples, and one fourfold make a total of eleven bets. Luckily, you only need two of your selections to win to see money coming back your way. However, just like the others, the more choices that win, the more you make!

If just two of your selections come good, you’ll win one of your double bets. If three of your choices come in, you’ll win two of your double-bets, and one of your triple bets. Finally, if all four of your selections win, all eleven of your bets will payout!

Yankee Bet Example

An example of Yankee Bet will help illustrate the potential gains that can come from a Yankee Bet. For this example, we’ll make a £2 Yankee Bet on four horses offering prices of 5-1, 6-1, 7-1, and 8-1. This bet will cost a total of £22 with the payouts breaking down as follows.

If only two of your selections win, you’ll win on one of the doubles. If this were the first and second race, then you’d win a total of £84. All the combinations of doubles produce values of £84, £96, £108, £112, £126, and £144! So even a double in this example will give you a nice payday!

If three of your selections win, you’ll win two double-bets and a triple! For this example the four triple bets payout £672, £756, £864, and £1008. So if three selections came in that would generate a minimum of £852 and a maximum of £1278!

The final part of our example comes when all four of our selections win. Then, in addition to winning every bet we’ve discussed so far, we’d also win the fourfold. The fourfold pays out a massive £6,048! However, we still have to add every other winning bet to that to get our final value. When we do this, we get a total win of £10,018!

Essentially this means we’re getting 5008-1 on our money when every selection comes in!

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