Trixie Bet

The Trixie bet is when the betting starts to get a bit more complicated. We’re no longer on the path where we must win every event. So in a way things are about to get a little easier for your wagers. However, it is crucial to understand how a Trixie bet works to get there.

In short, a Trixie bet is a combination of double-bets and a triple-bet! So just like the triple-bet, the Trixie bet will require you to bet on the outcome of three events. To keep things simple we’ll bet on the winner of three horses in three separate races. The Trixie bet, therefore, goes as follows: You have three double-bets and one triple-bet. The double-bets are for the winner of the first and second race. The winner of the first and third race; The final one is the winner of the second and third race.

What this means is that you’re guaranteed a winning bet if you win only two of the three races. Of course, you only win one of your four chances so the win wouldn’t be for all that much. If on the other hand, you win all three races, this would result in all four bets being a winner! This is where you make all your money on a Trixie-bet and what you’re aiming to achieve!

Payouts on a Trixie-bet

To clear up any confusion, we’ll go through an example of a Trixie bet and the payouts it produces. Let’s take a Trixie-bet made on three horses at stakes of 5-1, 6-1, and 7-1 respectively.

The wager consists of 4 separate bets, the three doubles and the triple. So instead of a single £4 bet, we have four £1 stakes in its place. If the first two races were winners, the result would be £1 at 5-1 making £6, then £6 at 6-1 creating a £42 win. Even this is far greater than the original £4 placed on this Trixie. Similarly, if the first and third races were winners, that £1 would turn into £48. If the second and third races produce the winner then that £1 would now become £56!

These results all pale in comparison to all three races providing winners. You would win all three double bets which total £140. You would also get the winning triple bet on top of that. The triple pays £336! Overall, this would mean the Trixie bet pays a total of £336 + £140 = £476!

So if you’d like a bet that offers massive prizes, while also gives a bit of leeway: the Trixie-bet is for you!

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