Triple Bet

If you’ve read our articles on the single and double bet, then you’ll know what to expect from the tiple bet! This wager is a level up on the double-bet in terms of prizes you can win. However, in terms of complexity, it’s pretty much the same! If you grasp the double-bet, then you’ll understand the triple-bet without any issues!

The first thing to note with the triple bet is you’re betting on the outcomes of three separate events. If only two of the events come true, then you would not win your bet. You must succeed on all three results! Predicting three outcomes is, of course, more challenging than correctly predicting the outcome one or two events. However, the compensation for the added difficulty more than makes up for this. It’s when we get to the triple bet that we start to see significant money. The type of money that means an extra holiday or even a new car!

That’s no guarantee, of course, since it all depends on the odds each event offers. If you decide to bet on three favourites, this makes that significant sum less likely. However, even one outsider bet in there will change things vastly!

Triple Bet Examples

It only takes one or two examples of a triple bet to see how great the benefits are. To make our illustration slightly more complicated, we’ll add a none race-winning wager into the mix too! If we have £1 to wager on three events: the first a horse winning a race at 6-1, the second a horse getting a placed finish(1st or 2nd) at 3-1; finally betting on an outsider at 16-1.

When the first race finished and our horse wins, our £1 turns into £7 going on the second race. If our horse makes a placed finish we get 3-1 on our £7 which makes £28. The final part of the triple bet sees our £28 winning at 16-1 making a jackpot prize of £476! So, in the end, we win £476 off a £1 bet. For a wager that only had one outsider bet, this is quite a handsome sum of money!

Overall, there’s not a lot to the triple-bet. It’s merely three single-bets put together to make one big bet. However, given we multiply our results instead of only adding them, it quickly turns into a massive payout!

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