Super Heinz

Anyone looking for an adrenaline rush may want to turn their attention to the Super Heinz Bet. The Super Heinz is one of the largest bets you’ll find anywhere in horse racing. If you can believe it, the Super Heinz bet consists of 120 individual bets! So it’s not the cheapest of bets either; a £1 Super Heinz will cost you £120 to place.

A Super Heinz Bet breaks down into the following components:

  • 21 double-bets
  • 35 treble bets
  • 35 fourfold bets
  • 21 fivefold bets
  • Seven sixfold bets
  • The final one is a sevenfold bet!

So while the price of a Super Heinz may be on the higher end, you’re getting your money’s worth! Of course, the minimum price for a Super Heinz is not £120. Online sports betting sites allow players to bet in smaller denominations. You can choose to place a Super Heinz for as little as a penny. In that case, a 1p Super Heinz would only cost £1.20. Similarly, a 10p Super Heinz would cost £120.

Example Super Heinz

To give you a better understanding, we’ll provide as simple a Super Heinz bet as we can. To do this, we’ll make all seven horses a firm favourite for their race at 2-1. We’ll also make it a £1 Super Heinz for ease of calculations!

The first point of victory comes when two of our selections win. That would mean we win a double-bet for £3. Not a lot yet!

If three of our selections win then our triple bets would start paying out at £9 each! There are 35 triple bets in the Super Heinz, so there’s a total of £315 to win from these!

The fourfold bets start paying out when four of our selections win. There are 35 fourfolds in our Super Heinz each paying out £27, making a total of £945! Even when betting on firm favourites we’d still see big wins from our fourfolds.

If five of our selections win their race, then our fivefold would pay out £81. There are 21 fivefold bets in a Super Heinz making a total of £1,701!

For each of the seven sixfold bets, you’ll receive a payout of £243, totalling £1,701!

Finally, if all of your selections are winning selections, you’ll receive £729! The total sum of a full winning Super Heinz would therefore be £5,454! These are bets on firm favourites too! So you’d expect a couple of winners from this bet if not the whole lot anyway!

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