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If you’re a fan of Horse Betting, then there’s no better place to do it than online. Online Horse Betting offers you a whole host of advantages that live betting can’t. We’ll first break down the types of horse bets you can make starting with the main: the single bet!

The single bet is the most commonly found bet in horse racing. It’s also the building block for most other types of bet, making it essential to learn! Fortunately, that’s pretty easy, and you’ll be there in no time at all!

However, before we do this, we should explain a little bit of the terminology starting with the odds! Betting odds displayed in one of two ways, either through fractions or decimals. These are interchangeable and both relatively simple to learn. If a horse racing site is offering you odds of 4-1 on a race, this would mean that for every £1 we wager, we would get £4 + our £1 back making £5 total. Similarly, odds of 7-2 would mean for every £2 wagered you’d get 7 + 2 = £9 back.

For decimal odds, the number displayed represents the amount you would win for every £1 wagered. So if a horse were showing decimal odds of 1.5, this would mean for every £1 wagered you would get a total of £1.50 back. Another example would be placing a £10 bet on a horse with decimal odds of 2.5. A win would result in a payout of £10 x 2.5 = £25!

How a single bet works

Essentially, you’ve already learned how a single bet works now! A single bet, in laymen’s terms, is a singular bet you make on a single outcome. A fitting example of this would be betting on the winner of a particular race.

If there were eight horses lined up ready to race, betting on who the winner would be counts as a single bet. With a single bet, there’s very little else to do. Each site will display its odds for a particular event to happen. This doesn’t necessarily have to be betting on the winner of the race, although it is most common.

After this, select the stake you’d like to wager. Each site will tell you how much this pays out before you confirm. Then all you have to do is watch the event and hope for the best. If your betting is a winning ticket, the funds will automatically get paid into your account!

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