Patent Bet

You can think of the Patent Bet as the ultimate form of the triple-bet. This particular wager covers every possible combination you can think of from three outcomes. Unlike with the Trixie-bet though, you only need to win in one of your races before you see any money. However, just like with the Trixie-bet, big money comes from predicting the winner in all three races!

When you have selected the three horses you’d like to bet on, the Patent-bet breaks down as follows. You will have three single bets for each of the three races. You will have three double-bets matching all possible combinations. Finally, you will have one triple-bet in there too making seven bets in total!

As you may have already figured out, Patent bets aren’t the cheapest. You’ll need seven times the original wager to cover this bet. So a £1 Patent Bet will cost you £7 in total. In exchange for the more significant stake, the Patent Bet offers more chances to win and more massive prizes too! A win in any of your races will result in one of your single bets winning. Any two wins will result in two of the single-bets winning, plus one of the double-bets. All three horses winning would result in all seven bets in the Patent Bet paying out!

Example of a Patent Bet

To help give you a full understanding of the Patent Bet, we’ll go through an example. Keeping things simple we’ll place a Patent Bet on three horses offering odds of 6-1, 7-1, and 8-1 respectively. The £1 Patent Bet will cost £7 in total.

If only the first horse wins we get £1 at 6-1 back making £7. Similarly, if only the second horse wins we get £8 back. If only the third horse wins we make £9 total.

Things get interesting when we hit two winners. If the first two horses win, we get £7 and £8 for the two singles, then £56 for the double. Likewise, if the first and third horse win we get £7 and £9 for the singles, plus £63 for the double. Alternatively, if the second and third horses win we get £8 and £9 for the singles, then £72 for the double.

Finally, if all three horses win we get as follows: £7 + £8 + £9 for the singles. £56 + £63 + £72 for the singles. Plus a whopping £504 for the triple. So all three results coming in gives you a £719 win!

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