Lucky 63 Bet

If you’re here for the excitement, then you can’t go wrong with the Lucky 63 Bet! As the name suggests, a Lucky 63 consists of 63 individual bets. These individual bets consist of the following:

  • 6 of these are single bets
  • 15 of these are double bets
  • 20 of these are trebles
  • 15 are fourfold bets
  • 6 of these are fivefold bets
  • The final one is your sixfold.

Essentially, a Lucky 63 is the same as a Heinz bet except for one addition. Now you also have six single bets to back them up! You now only need one of your selections to win their race to have a winning ticket!

A £1 Lucky 63 will cost you £63 to place! Therefore most punters opt for stakes of only a few pence a bet. A 10p Lucky 63 will still give you 63 chances to win and only cost £6.30! One of the significant advantages of online play has been the ability to make smaller bets like this! So even if you’re betting small stakes, a Lucky 63 Bet is still a great choice!

Example of a Lucky 63

One of the quickest ways to get a full understanding of the lucky 63 is through an example. We’ll keep this as simple as we can as always. Each of the six horses has odds of 4-1. This time we’ll make it a 10p Luck 63 Bet which means it will cost us £6.30!

With just one winning selection you’ll receive £0.5 for a winning single-bet! With each winning double bet, you would receive £2.50! It’s when you select three winners that you start to see real profit. Each triple bet pays £12.50, which is already around double your total stake!

The excitement begins to flow at four winning selections as each fourfold pays £62.50! If any of your fivefold bets come in, they will earn £312 each! Finally, getting every choice correct, a sixfold will pay out a substantial £1,562.50! However, the final sum is far higher than this! In addition to the sixfold you also receive 6 x £312, 15 x £62.50, 20 x £12.50, 15 x £2.50, and finally 6 x £0.50! So your total win would be £4,662.5! Not bad a bad payday from a £6.30 bet! Especially when you have so many ways to win!

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