Lucky 31 Bet

If you’ve read some of our previous articles, then you may already know what’s coming. The Lucky 31 Bet is a bet which consists of 31 individual bets wrapped in one. You need to select five separate events for this bet to place, with a breakdown that follows:

  • Five will be single-bets
  • Ten will be double-bets
  • Ten will be triple-bets
  • Five will be fourfold-bets
  • Finally, the last will be a fivefold-bet.

What this means is that a £1 Lucky 31 Bet will cost £31 to place. Similarly, a £2 Lucky 31 Bet will cost £62 and so on. Don’t like this put you off though, the rewards from a winning Lucky 31 bet make up for the cost! Firstly, you only need one of your five choices to win to receive a payout. Secondly, a full win on a Lucky 31 Bet can be for a life-changing sum of money. Therefore, the Lucky 31 Bet is perfect for those looking to strike it rich with some insurance!

To illustrate this, we’ll run through an example for you!

Example Lucky 31 Bet

To help ensure everyone keeps up with us, we’ll keep this example as simple as possible. To do this, we’ll select five horses that are all the favourites for their race at 4-1! These are pretty standard odds for the number one horse in any particular race. Typically, we’d expect most Lucky 31 Bets to pay better than our example.

For this example, we’re making a £1 Lucky 31 Bet which costs us £31. If we only get one winner in these races, then we’ll walk away with only £5. It takes two horses achieving victory before we start making money with this bet. Two winners pay 2 x singles at £5, and 1 x double at £25 making £35 total.

When three of your horses win, you’ll have winning bets on 3 x singles at £5, 3 x doubles at £25, and 1 x triple at £125! The total prize here is £215.

If four of your horses achieve victory, then you’ve won 4 x singles at £5, 6 x doubles at £25, 4 x triples at £125, and 1 x fourfold at £625! The total here is a tidy £1,295!

Finally, when every horse wins their race, your winning bets would be five singles at £5, ten doubles at £25, ten triples at £125, five fourfolds at £625, and finally one fivefold at £3,125. In total, you would win a whopping £7,775!

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