Lucky 15 Betting

The lucky 15 bet is one of the more popular bets amongst punters these days. This bet offers a lot of flexibility in how you win, and comes with some significant prizes too!

The clue to how a Lucky 15 bet breaks down is in the name. There are a total of 15 individual bets that make up the Lucky 15 bet. These are as follows:

  • Four single bets
  • Six double bets
  • Four triple bets
  • One fourfold bet

A lucky 15 bet is essentially a Yankee Bet with the addition of four singles! What this means is that your typical Lucky 15 bet will cost 15 times as much as your standard bet. So a £2 Lucky 15 bet would cost £30! The advantage to this wager is now you only need one race to turn up with a winner! If you’re betting on horses with an outside chance of winning, then the insurance of four singles is often beneficial!

Lucky 15 Example

  • To get a full understanding of a bet, we find running through an example often helps. So for this example, we’ll be betting on four horses with odds of 3-1, 4-1, 6-1, and 8-1 respectively. To keep things simple we’ll also make this a £1 Lucky 15 bet costing us £15 total. That’s:
  •  £1 each on the four singles
  •  Again, £1 each on the six doubles
  •  £1 each on the four triples
  • Finally, £1 on the fourfold

What this means is that if one of your horses win you’ll receive a payout for one of the four single bets. These payout at £4, £5, £7, and £9 so not quite enough to cover your stake yet.

If two of your horses win, this will give you a payout on two single-bets and a double. The doubles payout at £20, £28, £35, £36, £45, and £63. So even at two wins, you’re starting to see a nice paycheck.

When you get to three victories, you’ll then get paid for three singles, three doubles, and a triple! The triples payout at £140, £180, £252, and £315!

Finally, if you manage to get all four races up, then you get paid for all 15 of your bets. This includes the fourfold bet which pays out at £1260! The total for winning your Lucky 15 bet would therefore be £2,374! Considering how many opportunities to win this bet offers we’d say that’s pretty good!

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