Goliath Bet

Here we gave to the ultimate of all the bets from our betting guide, the Goliath Bet! If you’re looking to go big, there’s no bet more prominent than the Goliath bet. You need eight selections to cast a Goliath bet. These eight selections break down into the following individual wagers:

  • 28 of these are doubles
  • 56 of these are trebles
  • 70 of these are fourfold bets
  • 56 of these are fivefold bets
  • 28 of these are sixfold bets
  • 8 of these are sevenfold bets
  • The final wager is an eightfold

If you’re any good at counting, you’ll know this adds up to 247 bets! Therefore, the minimum cost of a Goliath Bet is £2.47, which is a 1p Goliath Bet. So typically the Goliath Bet is best made when you have a little capital to invest!

With the Goliath, you must have at least two of your selections win to see a return. The returns typically start small with this bet; it usually takes until you make three or four correct predictions before you show a profit! However, at the top end, there’s almost no pay that will pay out as much as the Goliath! We can illustrate this quite easily for you with an example Goliath bet here!

Example Goliath Bet

Due to the sheer number of bets in the Goliath, we can’t show every calculation. So instead we’ll breakdown how much each level pays out and a total sum. We’ll give each horse odds of 5-1, which is relatively common for a favourite in a race. We’ll also make this a £1 Goliath Bet for similar reasons.

Each of the double bets in our Goliath will payout £36 each. That makes a total of £1,000 meaning the doubles alone pay for this bet!

Each of the triple bets in our Goliath will pay out £216. That makes a total of £12,096! Moving on to the fourfold bets, each will pay out £1,296 making a total of £90,720!

Each of the fivefold bets will pay out £7,776, making a total of £453,456! With each sixfold-bet, there will be a payout of £46,656, totalling £1,306,368! The with each sevenfold bet, there would be a payout of £279,936. In this example, the sevenfold-bets total £2,239,488.

Finally, the final bet on our ticket is the eightfold bet which pays an absurd £1,679,616! Our finally tally for all of these bets would total £5,782,744! So even a 20p Goliath would turn you into a millionaire this time!

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