Double Bet

The double bet is a great bet for new players who are looking to push the boat out a little. If you’ve had your fun with the single-bet but would like something a little more interesting; the double-bet is the easy solution. You don’t need to know anything more about horse betting than you already know. A double bet is essentially just two single bets put together. However, the prizes don’t double with a double-bet; instead, they increase exponentially! Instead of adding the two wins together, we’ll be multiplying them together instead! Before we get into how much you can win, we’ll give a breakdown on how the bet works first.

As we’ve already mentioned, a double is essentially putting two single bets together. The way we do this is relatively simple. If we take the example of a double bet on two races, we can see it in action. First, we need to select two winners of a race. After this, we want to choose the “double” betting option. Finally, we want to confirm this bet after being shown the odds. With the wager placed, we’d then watch the results come in. If the first horse wins its race, all the money you’ve won from then gets put onto the second race. If the second horse also wins the sports bettor will pay out a hefty sum!

How much can a double bet win?

As with most betting, the amount you can win from a double bet is up to you. The less likely an outcome is to occur, the better the payout will be. An extreme example of this would be placing a double on two outside horses to win their races. If each horse had odds of 40-1 to win then figuring out the payout is relatively simple. If the stake were £1, then £1 at 40-1 would return £41 which is going on the second horse. Then £41 at 40-1 would produce a final prize of £1,681!

As you can see it doesn’t take many bets before the payouts start skyrocketing! Even a £1 wager can produce a significant prize. Even a double on two horses which were favourites has excellent results. £1 on a double bet of two choices at 4-1 would still give you a £25 prize!

So if you’re looking for bigger prizes while keeping the betting simple: you can’t go wrong with the double bet!

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