Accumulator Bet

The ultimate bet to make when you’re looking to strike it rich is an accumulator bet! The accumulator is a bet which can make you a million or more off a single bet. If you were feeling fortunate, you could set the prize as much larger than that too, and the choice is entirely yours! An accumulator bet is a series of bets on the outcome of multiple events.

An accumulator bet is relatively simple to make too. If you know how to make a single bet, then you’re already halfway there! Taking horse racing as an example, select however many races you first wish to bet on. You could choose as little as two or as high as a thousand races to bet on if you want. After this, you select your winner in each chosen race. Then once you’ve selected each winner pick the accumulator option. Here you’ll be given your total odds for each horse winning and the payout.

The more horses you pick, the harder it is to win an accumulator bet. However, the more horses you choose to win, the higher the payout will be too!

How much can an accumulator bet pay?

The best thing about an accumulator bet is how much they payout. What makes this even better still is the prize is totally up to you. The more horses you select, the higher the payout will be. Also, the odds each horse has will affect the payout as well.

To give you a better understanding of the payouts an accumulator bet can provide we’ll run through a couple of examples. The first will be a simple one, followed by a second, more complicated bet.

If you wanted to place an accumulator bet on three horses which were all valued at 7-1, here’s how the payout would work! If the bet was for £1, the first horse would pay at 7-1 turning your £1 into £8. The second horse sees your £8 win at 7-1 which makes £64. The final horse then wins with £64 at 7-1 making a total win of £512! So over £500 from a £1 bet on three horses! Hopefully, you can now see how quickly these bets add up! For the last one, we’ll skip the math. If you made an accumulator bet on seven horses each at 5-1 for only £1, that would make an astonishing £279,936 prize!

As you can see accumulator bets make a massive payday entirely possible off just a £1 bet. So if you’re looking to strike it rich, the accumulator bet is an excellent way to go about it!

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