About Bath Racecourse

Bath Racecourse is a horse racing venue in Lansdown Hill, about 5.2 km northeast of Bath, Somerset, England. It’s also the only racecourse in the Bath and Bristol area, which means it draws large crowds every race day. What’s unique about this racecourse is its location. Lansdown Hill is located 780 feet above sea level, making it the highest racecourse in the UK!

The racecourse is a left-handed oval track of one mile four furlongs, with a run-in of around four furlongs. This is a flat course with only slight rises and falls throughout the way. Even so, Bath racecourse is seen as a specialist track due to its sharp turn into the home run. The turn is a make-or-break spot for many horses; one that plenty of runners struggle around!

Notable Races

Bath racecourse has two notable races throughout the calendar year; the Lansdown Fillies’ Stakes and the Beckford Stakes. The good news for locals is these two races take place at opposite ends of the year. So that means two race days stand out – one in April and the other in October.

The biggest sell to Bath racecourse, however, isn’t the races. We’d argue it’s everything else! For starters, this might be the most photogenic racecourse of them all. Being on Lansdown Hill affords the luxury of scenic greenery wherever you look. Moreover, it has facilities that offer fine-dining and hospitality events to the public.

It also offers a host of enticing packages including grandstand admissions, roof gardens, and a centre course & picnic enclosure! Furthermore, it hosts additional events such as live bands and obstacle runs when there are no race days.

All in all, there’s a lot to love about Bath racecourse and little to hate. The location is in a beautiful part of the country, has incredible facilities, and a few notable races to boot!

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