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Horse Racing Results

If you’re a punter looking to make a few bets on the horses, you’ll need a reliable place to check your Horse results. That’s where we come in! We’ll be providing quick and reliable horse racing results for all to find.

If you’re new to horse racing, you’ll want to know the results important to your bets. That will largely depend on the type of bet you’ve made on any particular race. There are two main bets fans like to make; outright winner bets and each-way bets. The simple one of these two is the outright winner bets. Back a horse and check our results page to see if it finished first or not. Simple stuff!

With each-way bets, you’re making two wagers in one. The first is that your horse will win the race, while the second is it will make a “placed” finish. The number of “placed” finishes there are depends on the number of horses in a race:

  • 1-4 runners – Win only
  • 5-7 runners – Two placed finishes – 1/4 odds
  • 8+ runners – Three placed finishes – 1/5 odds
  • 16+ runners – Four placed finishes – 1/4 odds

So when you’re checking winners in each-way bets, you’re not just looking for the top spot. So we’ll make sure you get more than just the winning horse, we’ll give you the horse racing results you need!

Featured racecourses in UK

There’s no place bigger for horse racing than Britain. It’s where the first official race took place over 400 years ago, and it’s been popular ever since. As a result, racecourses in Britain are some of the most attractive venues for racing fans the world over. So much so that they see millions of punters each year with plenty of world-renowned events taking place!

Racecourses in Britain are about so much more than just the track these days. There are restaurants, bars, live acts, music, and children’s play areas, to name a few of their perks. Moreover, they’re situated in many of the country’s best spots—some known for their nightlife, while others the beautiful scenery around them. Whatever you’re into you can rest assured there’s a fantastic racecourse for you!

There are 60 racecourses in Britain, which means it would be a bit of a challenge to visit them all. So, if you’ll only be able to see a few of them, you’ll probably want to hit the best ones first. That’s why we’ve put together a list of featured racecourses in Britain! The racecourses we think stand out from the pack most.

About Worcester Racecourse Worcester Racecourse is a racecourse located in the city of Worcester, Worcestershire. It’s about ...
1 year ago
0 683
About Wolverhampton Racecourse Wolverhampton Racecourse is a racecourse just north of Wolverhampton, West Midlands. It’s only about ...
1 year ago
0 777
About Windsor Racecourse Windsor Racecourse is a racecourse located in the market town of Windsor, Berkshire. It’s ...
1 year ago
0 649
About York Racecourse York Racecourse is a racecourse located in the city of York, North Yorkshire. It’s ...
1 year ago
0 597

Featured racecourses in Ireland

Ireland is home to an excellent array of turf and dirt racecourses. There are so many in fact, you’d need multiple trips to Ireland to visit them all. Therefore, it only makes sense that a little research should be done before visit. If you’re only going to see one or two, you’ll want to make sure they’re the right ones! Fortunately, we’re here to help in that regard! We’ve assembled a few featured racecourses we think you might enjoy.

One of Ireland’s most prominent features is the variation between racecourses. The include turf, dirt, artificial and sand racecourses which are either flat or jump tracks. It’s not only the Irish racecourses themselves that are the selling points here either! Ireland is home to breathtaking views up and down the country. Enjoying the towns, villages, and scenery are all part of the package with Ireland.

As a result, Ireland has managed to split the majority of their prominent events amongst the courses. So every part of Ireland has something to look forward to. Perhaps the most famous racecourse in Ireland is Curragh. Curragh is home to the Irish Derby, Irish 1,000 & 2,000 Guineas, and the Irish St. Leger!

About Laytown Racecourse Laytown Racecourse is a racecourse in Laytown, County Meath, Ireland. Laytown is up along ...
1 year ago
0 710
About Kilbeggan Racecourse Kilbeggan Racecourse is in the small town of Kilbeggan, County Westmeath Ireland. Due to ...
1 year ago
0 557
About Killarney Racecourse Killarney Racecourse is in the small town of Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. Killarney boasts ...
1 year ago
0 591
Racing in Ballinrobe Ballinrobe Racecourse is an Irish racecourse which is in the north-western region of the ...
1 year ago
0 628

Why horse racing results online?

There’s no shortage of reasons as to why you’d want to check your results online now. Perhaps the simplest of these reasons is the time saved. Waiting for tomorrow’s paper or walking down to your local bookies both take time and effort. Why not just pull out your smartphone and get the results there and then! Not only will you get your results quicker, but if you bet online you’ll get paid quicker too!

We don’t know about you, but having a line in our back pocket stresses us out all day! It’s the not knowing that eats us alive. We want to see our bet come in as it happens!

In a similar vein, we also like online horse betting because for safety reasons too! No, we don’t mean we’re less likely to have our winning ticket stolen off us(although that’s also true). Instead, we mean it’s impossible to lose your winning line! There’s no worse feeling than watching your result come in only to realise you’ve lost your ticket! With online betting, everything is digital, so you’ll never know the stress of losing your ticket again!

What we cover

One of the biggest pros of using us to check your horse racing results is how much we’ll cover. If you’re only into local racing event’s, that’s no problem! We’ll have the results from every race meet in the UK. Whether that’s a big event at Cheltenham or smaller race meet somewhere like Thirsk!

There are 60 racecourses in Britain. They go as far north as Perth and as far South as Devon. So there’s rarely a day without a race meet somewhere in the UK. And regardless of which day it’s on and where the event is taking place. We’ll still be recording the results for you here live as they come in.

We offer a little more than just horse racing results here too. We’ll also be displaying the upcoming races that will run that day. If you want to get ahead of the curve with some early scouting here’s the place to start! Better yet, we’ll also give you the odds the best odds for each of these horses too!

Find the best odds

One of the best advantages of using us is finding the best odds! When we display a winning horse, we’ll also show the odds of the winning horse. If you’re looking to spot trends or see how many winners have won today, this is good for that. When we find the odds of a winning horse, we find the best odds offered. That way you’ll know exactly how much you could have won on any given race!

We’ll also be giving you the best odds available for upcoming races too! This is perfect for when you’re writing out your lines as you’ll have a good idea of what it’s worth. With every website constantly changing their odds, it’s impossible to keep up in real-time. However, if you stick with us, we’ll find the best odds for any given race. So you won’t need to go searching from site to site to find the best price anymore.

All in one

With our horse racing results, you get the all-in-one package! We aim to give bettors every bit of information they need to know before and after a race. We’ll show you the upcoming races and the best price for each horse. You’ll see the results from all venues from across the UK that day. We’ll show the winning horses as they come in and their winning price. Plus, we’ll show all the placed finishes for any given race too! So, in the end, you’ll know it all!

A single bet is a bet placed on a single outcome at set odds, and produces a return if it wins.

An accumulator bet is combining multiple bets into one. The winnings from the first horse will be placed on the second and so on. There's no limit to the number of bets you can add to an accumulator.

There are two main types of racing: Flat racing or National Hunt. Flat racing is where horses either run a straight line or around a curved track, and then finish at the post. The first horse across the line wins the race.

National Hunt racing can be split into three categories: hurdles, steeplechases, and bumpers. The main difference between the first two are horses that compete in steeplechases jump higher over more solid fences. There are also open ditches and water jumps in steeplechases, unlike in hurdles.

There are currently 60 Racecourses in the UK.

The Grand National is the biggest race in the UK each year. An estimated 500 to 600 million people tune in worldwide for the event!

Every year the Grand National takes place at Aintree Racecourse, just outside Liverpool.

The Grand National typically takes place in the second week of April each year.

There is a maximum of 40 horses allowed to run in the Grand National.

Horse Racing Results
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